Elf on the shelf - do's & dont's

What is Elf on the Shelf?

If you are new to Elf on the Shelf, this could end up being a Christmas tradition for many years.  How it works is that the elf arrives at your home from the North Pole to basically spy on the kids to see if they are being naughty or nice. After a day of watching them, the elf goes back to the North Pole each night via the door with his key to tell Santa the results from the day. He leaves a letter in the Post Box for Santa to report Naughty or Nice

What are the Rules for Elf on the Shelf?

The rules for Elf on the Shelf are that the kids cannot touch the elf. The elf moves to a different spot each night and only at night with a possible prank on the kids. If The Elf is touched one needs to sprinkle magic dust on him in order for him no to loose HIS magic. The Elf leaves on Christmas eve and doesn’t come back till the next year. 


Elf, Magic Dust, The Door, The Key are all available on our website. along with fun accessories...... Swings,lights, spy camera,  footprint stencil, fake snow 

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